You asked for it and we have (finally) delivered!!...WE HAVE WALLPAPER!!We have always been a bit of a fan of Puffins with our ‘Puffin Gang’ print being one of the very first we created.


However, we things have developed and we’ve got better at what we’re doing we think Penfold Puffin is the ‘next level’ of Puffin design.We kept the pattern simple... just our beautiful Penfold which means the repeat is much quicker than a lot of other, standard papers.


Additionally, by having a quicker repeat you won’t waste as much when compared to smaller, more pattern heavy papers. Better for the environment and your pocket!


The detail on Penfold is outstanding and the quality of the paper is something else. We are complete sticklers for quality and this is seriously impressive!


We should also mention that this is a paste the wall paper which (in our opinion) is much less messy and much easier to do but we’ll leave that with you.


And the other thing… if you don’t fancy wallpapering a whole wall, Penfold would look awesome framed instead. Not quite the same impact but an impact none the less!… and much kinder on your pocket ☺️


The details...

- Price is for one roll

- Each roll measures 600mm by 3000mm

- Ultra matte non woven wallpaper

- 150gsm

- 100% paper

- Paste the wall

- Printed with a 20mm overlap for a close to seamless finish

- Fitted using the cut and splice method


Our wallpaper is printed to order so please allow 3-6 weeks from order to delivery (although we do usually beat this estimate!)


Our wallpaper is delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Penfold the Puffin in Blue Wallpaper

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    If this does not solve the issue then on receipt of the returned item, a full refund will be issued. Please note that returned items are sent at the cost of the customer and should be packaged in the same way the item was received and using first class delivery. It is also recommended that you track the return.